Team CM

Our Team

Stephanie C. Harper-Haynes
Victoria Love
Assistant to the Publisher
Yasmyne West
Creative Director
Kalice Haynes
Publishing Assistant
Marianne Cooper-VanDerVeen
Content Writer / Editor
Courtney Hammonds
Fashion Editor (Dress for Success)
Karen Adamenes
Staff Writer
Tracy Ryan
Sales and Marketing Magnet

Stephanie C. Harper, (Stephanie Harper-Haynes) is the Founder of  CAREER Magazine.  A certified human resources professional by trade, she has over 20 years of experience in Corporate Human Resources, Administration and Operations.    

Victoria Love is an Executive Administrator with over 10 years experience in Administration and Creative Writing with impeccable work ethic.    As an Intensive English Educator with the University System of Georgia,  Victoria teaches English as a second language and can be found blogging and educating all over the web. 

Aliyah Farard is an 30+ year human resources professional, a Consulting partner and a graduate of Emory University with a heavy concentration in entertainment, advertising and tech spaces. Aliyah has crafted, led strategies and implemented initiatives while partnering with leadership and employees at Saatchi & Saatchi/Team One Worldwide Advertising, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Hollywood Studios, Imagi Animation Studios and Combs Enterprises (yes, Sean Diddy “Puffy” Combs.)

Debbie Corneilus is an 20+ year human resources professional, a Consulting partner for STEP Enterprises Inc. and a affliate partner to the HR Compliance Coach (multi- state California, Georgia and New York). She hold a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Clark Atlanta University. Deb also is the owner of Pretty Az Pearls

Devora L. Lindeman, Esq is an Employment Lawyer and Partner at Greenwald Doherty LLP she uses her Law Degree from Rutgers University to serve the goal of partnering with & protecting employers.

Iveda Williams is a Project Manager (retired from the State of California), she specializes  in the coordination of events, content coordination and feature scheduling. She also travels with Ms. Harper to ensure her “projects” are efficiently “managed” on the road.

Yazmyne West is a Graphic Designer with a Marketing Degree from the University of North Carolina at Charolette.  Owner of Yaz Designz, she specializes  in the creation of print designs, logos, brand identity concepts, as well as website design.

Kalice Haynes
, has been working with the CM team, since the age of 13.  Her first “summer job” was  entering social media post for CM’s Publisher (her mom).   Now a sophomore in college, Kalice produces career/business tips, maintains various social media accounts, and manages the CM subscription base.  Kalice also assist with on-site events, and constantly re-arranges the Publisher’s look, yes, she “picks out” her mom’s jewelry, clothes and shoes to her liking…and keeps the Publisher ready for travel.

Mark Beam is a Sales and Marketing Director with more than 15 years of sales expertise.  Mark Manages the corporate subscriptions, educational and brand ambassador accounts.  

Marianne Cooper Van Der Veen is a Content Manager/Writer with more than 10 years of than 15 years of expertise.  Marianne manages the corporate content for all websites to include (, CareerMag.Us, Why and She is also a brand ambassador assisting with social media accounts.  

Darlene Starks-Pitts  serves as the community liaison for career magazine/Queens events. media inquiries and event host opportunities.    

CAREER Magazine Contributing Writers: 

Patrick Weaver
Devora L. Lindeman, Esq
Courtney Hammonds
Sabine Brandt
Ornella Gonzalves
Pamela Burks
Jim Stroud
Verna Nickelberry
Deb Cornelius
Dana Monique Nickerson